3 Modern Secrets To Decorate A Tiny Space

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3 Modern Secrets To Decorate A Tiny Space – Having a tiny space doesn’t mean you should clutter it with small furniture. One of the modern approaches to decorate a small space is to go big, yes, you may not believe it but it’s true! Choosing large-scale items means not cluttering the space, and it will seem larger because fewer pieces though in a larger scale will make the space feel bigger.

3 Modern Secrets To Decorate A Tiny Space

Buy Large Items
Go for a large sofa, bed, ottomans, a chandelier or pendants, a desk or a table or any other pieces that you have planned to use in the room. If you’ve chosen too many, reduce their amount to the most necessary ones and take them in larger sizes. Prioritize the aims of your space: should it have a TV, should there be a plant stand? If the chosen pieces still seem too few for you, opt for some wall-mounted shelves and storage units. The lamps, especially those for a bedroom, can be also wall ones.

a large turquoise sectional sofa takes a half of this tiny space but it doesn’t look small

a comfy grey, creamy and gold living room with a large grey sectional sofa that takes half a space

a cozy rustic space with a glam feel and a large sectional creamy sofa that defines the space

large ottomans in a luxurious creamy shade make the space bold and chic

a small modern space with a large grey sectional sofa that creates a conversation pit with a fireplace

a large grey sectional sofa and a large creamy table with metal legs for a small living room

a boho chic space with a large grey secctional sofa that makes the base of the room

a small bedroom with a large bed and black and white walls looks bigger than it could

a large bed takes the whole space, and a small nightstand is all you need to add

Add Build-Ins
Negative space is an important thing but it won’t give you anything when you have a lot of guests who can’t be accommodated. Go for built-in pieces, from storage spaces to beds and seats – anything you may need can be built-in! If it’s a bedroom, you can order a unit with a built-in bed and drawers, if it’s a breakfast nook, you may try built-in benches or ottomans with storage inside. Built-ins can be combined with large scale pieces, or large scale items can contain something built-in, for example, storage. Find something really functional and get inspired!

a tiny dining space features built-in banquettes and a rounded table that don’t make the space feel small

a cozy breakfast nook with a built-in corner bench with storage is a perfect solution

a small bedroom with built-in storage and a built-in bed with increased functionality

a small serene bedroom with a built-in headboard shelf for books is a clever solution

a smart built-in unit with storage compartments and a bed is a great idea to rock in a tiny room

a serene Scandinavian space done with a bed with built-in storage drawers is a great idea

a very tiny breakfast nook with a sculptural built-in bench and a small table accomodates at least two people

Get A Giant Mirror/Artwork
A mirror is a perfect piece for a small space: it doesn’t only add glam and chic to it, it also reflects the light filling the space with it and visually doubles the space to make it look bigger. That’s why you need to go for a large mirror or a whole mirror wall if possible. A large scale artwork is a hot trend, and rocking one in your small space is a great idea. It will make your space seem larger and will take over it leaving a long-lasting impression. Buy or make one right now!

a large scale artwork takes over this small nook and makes it sea-like and refreshing

accent your space with an oversized vintage mirror and it will reflect the light

the main statement and eye-catcher of this space is the bold artwork

an oversized vintage mirror is a large glam statement in the bath room and makes it bigger

a small mid-century modern dining room with a bold graphic artwork that takes over it

make a stylish statement in your entryway with an oversized personal photo

bathroom with a large mirror

a mid-century modern reading nook with a moody artwork that makes it look special

a mid-century modern entryway, where the main feature is an oversized mirror that takes a whole wall

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